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Growing The Economy For Transformation And Development The Party shall strive to build a strong economy that would transform the country from the present state of under development. The Party […]
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National Production/Manufacturing The Party shall link its poverty reduction and employment generation strategies to the revival of the national productive base. Promote an industrial culture whereby large scale depend on […]
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Transport Labour Party shall build integrated transport system, which shall ensure the harmonized utilization of road, and rail transport as well as inland water-ways and aviation for the speedy movement […]
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Education Basic Education: The party shall devote attention at the highest levels of government to the revival of the national education system with a view to achieving universal free primary […]
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Energy The Party shall as a matter of National Policy, ensure an electricity generating capacity of not less than 40,000 MW in Nigeria with adequate transmission and distribution networks within […]
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Creative Economic Policy The Party shall restore the credibility of the economy not by repeating the dogma of IMF and World Bank but ensuring a consistent and creative policy measures […]
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Good And Sustainable Democratic Governance New Nigerian Personality The Labour Party recognizes that transformation would require the creation of a New Nigerian Personality that has a genuinely democratic, modern industrial, […]
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National Security and Administration The roles of the police and other paramilitary bodies in law enforcement shall be tailored and monitored in such a way that they do not breach […]
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Anti-Corruption The Party notes that corruption in Nigeria s endemic and systematically rooted in the character of the present Nigeria State and society which promotes wealth without any source of […]
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Social Infrastructure

Building Social Infrastructure Dialogue The party shall facilitate a system of regular, dialogue and consultation between the government, civil society organizations, the trade union movement and organised private sector, in […]
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