National Security and Administration

The roles of the police and other paramilitary bodies in law enforcement shall be tailored and monitored in such a way that they do not breach the right of the citizens.

The Party shall deepen the programme to professionalize the security apparatus of the state.

The Party shall intensify the re-training of Armed Forces personnel, update and improve their equipment to ensure greater professionalism.

The Party shall involve the military in humanitarian disaster relief operations.

The Party shall improve on the terms and conditions of service of personnel to ensure retention, and attraction of high caliber materials to enlist in the Armed Forces.

State and community policing will be encouraged side by side with Federal policing to stem the tide of increasing crime rates in the country.

Resources will be increased in order to build capacity of the Nigeria Police. The Party shall promote greater local level participation in governance by allocating resources to the states and local governments.

The Party shall not place restrictions on formations and registration of political parties in the spirit and content of the constitution and democracy in general.

Other Issues