Growing The Economy For Transformation And Development

The Party shall strive to build a strong economy that would transform the country from the present state of under development.

The Party shall diversify the foundations of the Nigerian economy by putting an end to oil dependency, revive manufacturing and agricultural sectors and improve the service sector.

The policy thrust of the Party on the economy shall be to:

Create wealth
Create mass employment opportunities and continually expand same
Develop and protect domestic industrial base
Encourage healthy competition between local and foreign investments
Ensure improvement in quality of life of every citizen
Eradicate poverty and ensure prosperity and security for all

In order to achieve the above, our Party shall ensure activist developmental role of the state in the economy by being a major player in the strategic sectors of the economy, namely petroleum, energy, communications, rail and ports: water, health-care, education and research.

The party shall engage the phenomenon of globalization and liberalization by adopting a cautions and step approach based on the country’s national interest.

The achievement of the above policies and party’s position on specific issues of governance and national life shall form the basis of the Party’s programme at any election.

Other Issues