The Party notes that corruption in Nigeria s endemic and systematically rooted in the character of the present Nigeria State and society which promotes wealth without any source of legitimate wealth generation. There is no way that Nigeria will not be corrupt-ridden when ostentations living of the affluent few exist in the midst of abject poverty which the majority of Nigerians live in.

The anti-corruption strategy of the Party shall thus be rooted in building an economy that will provide a minimum level of security for all, including social security nets for the poor and vulnerable, within a socially inclusive and genuinely democratic Nigeria.

The fight against corruption which Labour Party shall pursue will involve due process and respect for the human rights of all citizens who shall in truth and in deed, be deemed innocent until and except proven guilty.

The Party shall frontally fight corruption by strengthening through legislation and funding the existing institutions to combat corruption namely, the Independent Corruption Practices Commission (ICPC) the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the courts.

The party shall see to it that the activities and salaries of Chairmen and members of the EFCC and ICPC shall be funded directly from the consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federation.

Party shall ensure staff remuneration of all the Anti-Corruption bodies to be distinct and enhanced by the Salaries Wages Commission.

The Party shall ensure that a special department or the Office a Special Prosecutor should be created within the EFCC, to bundle prosecution of corruption cases. This is to avoid the delays often caused by referring case file to the Attorney General’s office for advice.

The Party shall revitalize the efficiency and integrity of the civil service through enthronement of efficiency, adequate reward system and sanctions for non-performance.

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