Good And Sustainable Democratic Governance

New Nigerian Personality

The Labour Party recognizes that transformation would require the creation of a New Nigerian Personality that has a genuinely democratic, modern industrial, civilized cultural outlook. Such outlook will be founded on a productive ethics, and global tolerance of dissent faith and diversity as well as robust interests in civic and public issues.

The New Nigerian Personality of our dream has to be diversted of the entrenched ruinous culture of:

Greed, corruption and self centeredness
Wealth without proven and identifiable entrepreneurship
Ostentations and wasteful life-style that are untenable and socially indefensible vis-à-vis the widespread poverty and the under- development status of Nigeria.

The party will ensure the full realisation of the national ethics of Discipline, Integrity, Dignity of Labour, Social Justice, Religion Tolerance, Self- Reliance and Patriotism as exposed by 1999 constitution.

The party is confident of its capacity to bring to birth an ethical renaissance, which will transform the Nigerian psyche and nurture the New Nigerian Personality. The Party will change the presently decadent psyche through a concerted multi-faceted programme of action. Its capacity in this and other respects will derive from its unique organizational acumen, including:

A formidable ideology and moral compass
Vertical penetration of Nigerian society
Heritage of organizational discipline, cohesion and competence
Leadership endowed with the attributes of selflessness, modesty, transparency, patriotism, creativity and humaneness.
A profound appreciation of the Nigerian reality and of the challenges of social change

The Party shall be committed to the Federal system of government, based on agreed separation of powers between the centre and the federating units; anchored on the need for sustained national unity, peace, social justice and balanced development.

The Party shall redefine the relationship between the state and the citizens with a view of promoting democracy, ensuring protection of human rights, guaranteeing security and public welfare.

Constitutional Reform

The party shall establish a Constitutional Court as a court of first instance on issues of disputations on constitutionality. The appellate court to this shall be the Supreme Court.

The Party will initiate all inclusive constitutional reforms. “Citizenship question” will be examined to restore progressive and integrative provision of previous provisions of Nigerian Constitution on the subject, Residency requirements will be liberalized for the citizens and made mandatory for states and local governments to enforce.

Separation of Power

The Party will ensure the constitutionally guaranteed checks and balances between all arms of government. Legislature will be strengthened to perform its oversight and law making function. To this end, the social base from which legislators are drawn will be expanded to allow for qualitative and representative candidates drawn from business community and civil society. Legislators will be trained and retrained in capacity building.

Rule of Law

The Party shall strengthen the institution of the rule of law by ensuring independence of the judiciary. The independence of our judiciary will be guaranteed by creating an enabling and workable environment for judges, judicial officers and by expanding and restructuring the courts infrastructures and ensures that its allocation is collected directly from the consolidated fund.

The Party shall initiate measures that will make litigations affordable to the average Nigerian, ensuring justice is not unnecessarily delayed by fixing reasonable time frame for case disposal.

Other Issues