Trade Union/Civil Society

Strengthening Trade Union/Civil Society And Media

Labour creates national wealth. As a Labour Party, we shall nurture and cultivate human capital that will lead Nigeria out of poverty.
The productivity of a country partly depends on the harmonious, relationships among government, employers and workers, and these are largely determined by labour policies.
In pursuance of the economic and democratic aspiration of the country, the Party shall ensure labour policies that encourage and strengthen independent democratic, transparent and accountable trade unions. Trade union laws should also be fair, balanced and consistent with ratified ILO conventions, in addition, effective labour administration and free collective bargaining should be the main determinants of terms and conditions of employment to ensure sustainable industrial peace and equitable reward system
Civil Society capacity-building: - Capacity building will continue to be a major requirement of civil society. However, the variation in background, in capacity components and in location of organisations within civil society makes it imperative to devise multiple strategies.
New Civil Society Organisations: The establishment of civil society organisations in areas they are weak would be promoted such area include consumer rights groups and philanthropic organisations that fund others Geographic area where civil society is weak would also need focus in order to create a national groundswell for civic engagement.
Civil Society democracy: - Building civil society must also mean building internal democracy in civil society and creating internal governance structure that facilitate accountability.
Social Compact:- The state and civil society need to, reach a social compact or partnership for democracy and development; possibly even, a tripartite partnership with business
Civil Society benchmarks: Civil society groups must remain vigilant to miscarriages of justice, and misdemeanours of actors within the political system and assist in setting and monitoring benchmarks for effective governance.
Information System and Media
Establish locally-based, low cost and widely accessible Internet connections.
Develop information technology applications in areas with highest impact on socio-economic development at the National, State and Local Government levels.
Promote the use of information technology in all aspects of human activity.
Use the media to build trust an confidence of people in themselves, their communities and their country.
Acquire satellite facilities to make National Data/information System a reality.
Standardise Statistical Information system such that it is acceptable and usable globally.
Other issues