National Development

The Environment And National Development

The Party shall mainstream environmental sustainability into all development activities. We shall enunciate proactive Steps to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, especially from oil spill and gas flares; and set and achieve adequate targets for clean air and water and soil fertility. These would be backed with rigorous enforcement of environmental laws and standards. The party shall therefore promote environmental sustainability to preserve the means of people’s sustainable livelihood and the lasting national development of Nigeria in a globalised world.

The party is very much worried by the level of filth and urban decay that characterise the main cities in Nigeria. Waste management and “waste-to- wealth” projects have at best only been paid lip service to by several governments. The Party noting that human resources for a pro-active approach to, the management of waste abounds in Nigeria and further realising that adequate urban planning is critical to salvage working people in Nigeria from a condemnation to sub-urban ghetto lives; would be committed to an urban regeneration plan that would include housing, waste management and urban planning that would better capture the possibilities of the evolving urban population and physical structures in Nigeria.

The Party’s plan for environmental sustainability shall include strategies geared at arresting desertification in some of the Northern States, erosion that is making roads impassable in some of the Eastern States and deforestation that is leaving the top soil bare with consequences for agricultural growth in some of the Western State.

The Party is convinced that the Niger Delta region of the country’s South- south zone has witnessed a most debilitating history of environmental despoliation. In exploiting crude oil, multinational corporations and the Federal Government of Nigeria have rendered the creeks and farmlands of the people of the region where they earn their livelihood and indeed regenerate their lives from, almost useless.

The Party sees the Niger-Delta situation as being not just an environmental problem, but a multifaceted development problem, which requires far more reaching steps to successfully address it than any government thus so far in Nigeria, has taken.

The Party sees the Niger-Delta problem as Nigeria’s problem and thus is committed to resolving it, not as a body or government outside of and alien to the Niger-Delta people, but with the youths, workers, elders, leaders, entrepreneurs, women and other groups of the Niger-delta People.

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