Clarion Call

Clarion Call

The Party calls on all:

Genuine progressives
Trade Unions and Unionists
Workers, Pensioners, Students and Youths, Artisans, Self-Employed, Farmers, etc.
Human rights activists
Progressive Nigerians in the Diaspora
Progressive intellectuals and professionals; and
Entrepreneurs with patriotic and social conscience who believe in a socially responsible and responsive market economy.

The Labour Party is the Platform with which these Nigerians will mobilize for the challenges of liberating Nigeria from:

Politics without commitment to any noble and patriotic ideals
Politics and governance based on impunity rather than accountability
Politics and governance as viable enterprise for self- enrichment rather than for service and transformation from backwardness to modernity.
Politics and governance based on narrow interpretation of democracy rather than that of entrenched democratic culture and norms in all aspects of our national life, including the full rights of all men and women to openly belong to political parties of their choice.
Politics and governance of intolerance of Opposing and critical views, rather than openness and inclusiveness.
Politics and governance, which engage in economic and social policies that are inherently inimical to the interests of the masses and indigenous entrepreneurial class.

The party recognises that genuine multi-party system poses obvious challenges. Anti-democratic forces, which thrive in monopolizing the political space and thus governance, may not be favourably disposed to the realities on the ground. They may therefore engage in subverting the new dispensation.

The Labour Party given its origin, character and social base will mobilize the society to defend real multi-party system and the right of Nigerians to alternative policies and governments at all levels.

BARR. JULIUS ABURE                          ALHAJI FAROUK UMAR

National Chairman                                     National Secretary

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