May Day: Labour Party LP Felicitates With Nigerian Workers

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Labour Party
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Labour Party family heartily congratulate and felicitate with Nigerian Workers on this auspicious occasion of the 2021 May Day Celebration.
According to the felicitation message signed by Barrister Julius Abure, National Chairman, It must be stated abinitio that the events leading to the celebration of the May Day in 1887 are dominant today in Nigeria.
He said, The insecurity generally across the length and breath of the country is taking its toll on the workers and the citizens. People cannot sleep with their two eyes closed for fear of being kidnapped, killed or extorted. Life in Nigeria has become short and unbearable.
Also, he said many Nigerians can no longer go about their legitimate businesses. Farms and businesses are shut down.
Students are kidnapped in their schools. some of them are killed and some of their parents are made to pay ransom. The Boko Haram and insurgents are currently hoisting their flags in some parts of the country.
It is as a result of this reason and many more that the economy of the country has collapsed. Culminating in the growing rate of unemployment, hunger and poverty.
The high rate of inflation have put a deep hole in the pockets of workers and has rendered the thirty thousand minimum wage nugatory. In spite of this, some State Governors and employers of Labour are yet to pay the minimum wage. The total take home pay of workers cannot take them home in the face of the inflationary trends in the country. The paradox of the Nigerian workers is that they create the wealth and are left out in the sharing of the wealth created by them. Thus the average Nigerian worker is poor, pauperized and dehumanized. Most workers cannot boast of a befitting building at the end of their meritorious services to the nation.
He concluded that, The contradiction in the plight of workers in Nigeria is the bourgeoisie-lization of workers leadership thus leaving the working people with no proactive, vibrant and result oriented leadership to fight for their interest.
We therefore seize the opportunity of this occasion to call on the workers to be vigilant and avail themselves the opportunity to vote for credible leadership whenever they have the opportunity to do so at their various unions. They must bring leaders on board who will be selfless, dedicated and passionate about their welfare. They must identify leaders like PA Imoudu, Hassan Sumonu, Pascal Bafyau and many others and bring them to leadership positions.
However, Labour Party renews its call on the Government especially Mr. President and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to rise to the occasion and rescue Nigeria from imminent collapse. President Mohammedu Buhari must aggregate his ideas, rise beyond partisan and other primordial affinities and accept useful, innovative and ideas to save the country. The Government must confront: the high rate of youth unemployment, Labour Party believes that the high rate of crime and criminality are bye products of unemployment, hunger and poverty. The Government must address the issues of economic growth and development by reposition the economy for recovery.
Finally, we are hopeful that Nigeria will rise again and realize the hopes and aspirations of its founding fathers.
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