An Address Delivered By The National Chairman of Labour Party- Barr Julius Abure To The National Executive Council (NEC) of Labour Party Held On 29th of December 2021

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  • An Address Delivered By The National Chairman of Labour Party- Barr Julius Abure To The National Executive Council (NEC) of Labour Party Held On 29th of December 2021
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It has become unavoidably necessary to call the National Executive Council meeting which coincided with the one year anniversary of the demise of our former National Chairman Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam. We recall his valuable contributions to the growth and development of our party and use this medium to pray for the repose of his soul and ask God for forgiveness of his sins.

This meeting will afford us the opportunity to examine the journey so far and set agenda for next year.

1. Since I took over the Leadership of the Party in March this year.We have had myrald of challenges which we have confronted with equal mind and surmounted same. We have learnt over the years as leaders not to lament over challenges but to find solutions to those challenges .Although we still have challenges with payment of rent,salary arrears,running cost and general funding issues.We shall continue to weather the storm and conquer.

2. I have noticed that one of the secret of success in this game of politics is to have an increased visibility.Hence,we have labored tireslessly to make the party visible using all available plateforms. I am happy to note that the party has become very visible in terms of its ideology,programmes,manifestos and perception.I therefore want to use this opporturnity to call on all our organs particularly at the State level to do same.

3. Anambra State Governorship Election:
We participated fully in the just concluded Anambra State Governorship election. For the first time in the annals of our party, We were the first political party to conduct party primary and commenced campaign immediately while others were fighting over who becomes their Governorship candidate. Our campaign commenced in full force.Our party became a potential threat to other political parties. Unfortunately,our candidate was kidnapped on the 18th of September while campaigning. At the moment, he is still being held by his abductors.

However with a kidnapped candidate we came out fifth in the election.I must at this stage commend the fighting spirit of Mr, Godwin Agbasimelo who continue to sponsor the campaign even without the availability of the candidate.I must also note the contribution of the National Organizing Secretary, the Anambra State Executives who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the party.The Anambra outing from my assessment was a huge success.

4.It is heart warming to bring to your notice that the website of the party is up and running and we intend to fully commence membership revalidation and registration on this platform.All arrangement are almost concluded except with our Banker who is yet to link the web site with our Bank account.When this is done payment of monthly dues and membership cards can be done easily on the website.

5. We shall commence the conduct of congresses as soon as practicable. Congresses will be conducted in states where membership at the ward level is more than enough to constitute the Ward Executive.It is our projection that we should have not less than sixty members in a ward to be able to constitute wards,Local Government and State executives.I therefore enjoined all State Chairmen who are desireous to have congresses conducted to work towards the aforesaid.The guidelines approved for congresses is attached.

6. Inter-Party Advisory Council State Elections .I am pleased to bring to your notice that in the just concluded national IPAC election,I emerged as the National Legal Adviser of IPAC.In line with the Code of Conduct,state elections are to commence accordingly.I am a member of the State Election Committee and the Chairman of State Election Appeal Committee which puts our party in an advantage position.Accordingly the norminations forms and the guidelines for state elections are already on all Labour Party Group Chat.I shall use my best endevours to support all labour party candidates who are interested in IPAC State election.

7.The INEC schedule of activities for Ekiti State election is already published and the schedule for Osun State election will be published in the early part of January.I therefore want to use this opporturnity to call on the state Chairmen of Ekiti and Osun State to work hard towards bringing viable candidates for those elections.We cannot afford not to participate fully and effectively in Ekiti and Oshun elections.I also urge all National Officers who are from these states to work in concert with the State Executive to ensure success.I expect them to learn from the Anambra State experience and deploy such expertise in the two States under reference.

8. 2023 General Elections:
let me bring to your notice that activities for the 2023 General Elections will commence in 2022.Infact,almost all activities at the party level will be concluded in 2022.We are working hard at the national level to ensure that we have a viable presidential candidates.I therefore urge all States Officers to work towards having Viable Governorship,Senatorial and house of representatives candidates for the 2023 General election. It is a matter of survival for the party.We have no choice but to win some elective Offices in other for the party to survive.In 2019,74 political parties were deregistered for their in ability to win any seat in the election.Our survival therefore is contigent upon our ability to win election.We must therefore use our best endevours to get candidates who can win elections.Our party guidelines for 2023 General Election is attached.


1. The proposal hike in the prices of petroleum product and electricity tarrif.

Labour party is worried over the proposed hike in the prices of petroleum product and electicity tarrif in the year 2022.Previous increases have impacted negatively on the lives of the people.It has the attendant effect of pauperizing and improverishing the people.It is baffling that the Federal Government has allowed the international price of crude oil to determine the cost of petrol for Local consumption.It is an irony for Nigeria to export cruded oil and import pettrolum product at a viciously high exchange rate.This is the real cause of our crisis and the reason why the prices of petroleum products will continue to be on the increase.I therefore propose to NEC that the only way out of the incessant hike in the prices of petroleum products is for government to revamp our existing refineries,build new ones and supply them crude oil to refine for Local consumption at a fixed and reduced rates.In fact,Labour Party proposes that every State Government should build a modular refinery to refine petroleum products for their consumption.
WE urge the Federal Government to abandon this old narrative of making the people bear the brunt of all government unfair policies. WE recall the austerity measures put in place in the 80th,the structural adjustment programme (SAP) introduced by Ibrahim Babangida to mention but a few programmes where the people were made to suffer unjustly.We think that in this generation,things should be done differently.
For us in Labour Party we believe that any government policy which bring hardship to the citizens is not in tandem with the provisions of the constitution and must therefore be whittled down.

I am sure by now NEC members are aware of the refusal of Mr President to assent to the electoral Act.
However,it is my opinion for political parties to be left with the option of deciding which method it will adopt to choose its candidates.We therefore call on the National Assembly to expunge the grey areas and represent the bill to Mr President for his assent.It is obvious that the 2010 Electoral Act is spent and cannot be used for the 2023 general election. This emphasizes the need for the National Assembly to urgently deal with the Bill and pass same for the assent of Mr President. Time is now of the essence.

Labor Party is worried by the worsening and frightening insecurity in the country.From the length and breadth of the country crime and criminality holds sway.In the North East it is Boko Haram,in the North West ,it is kidnapping in North Central, it is Farmers and Herders clash,in South South,South West and South East,it is kidnappers and unknown gun men perpetuating heinous crimes.

Economic activities are comatoesed.Investments and businesses are destroyed especially in the agricultural,roadtransportation and food sectors.A country riddled with such high level of insecurity can never have direct foreign investment.The future of the country is highly being compromised following the incessant kidnapped of school children in their schools especially in the Northern part of the country where the number of out of school children is alarming.Parents and Guardians are now forced to withdraw their children and ward from schools.Some State Governors are compelled to shut schools.The future is gloomy.

We are baffled by Government inability to find solution to the challenges of insecurity in Nigeria.Labour Party have advocated for the decentralization of the Nigerian Police Force to make way for State and Local Government Police.
This will give effect to the constitutional provision which designated State Governors as chief security officers of their states.

WE have similarly called for the provision of massive infrastructure and modern technology to fight crime.

The high rate of inflation occasioned by the mismanagement of the economy have increased the high rate of unemployment hunger and poverty.

The inflation rate is 18.2 percent which is a double digits inflation rate .The implication is the erosion of the Naira value.The poor population and existing incomes cannot meet their basic needs of food,clothing and shelter.
The rate of unemployment rose to 33.3 percent in the first quarter of this year relying on figure released by Bureau of Statistic.

A country with such a high level of unemployment cannot have peace and stability.Labour Party believes that crime and criminality are bye product of hunger,unemployment and poverty.
It is therefore incumbent on government to come up with innovative ideas,the enabling environment and policies to stimulate and create jobs.

Our people are impoverished.A lot of our people live below poverty line.83 million Nigerians are said to be poor.This figure is expected to increased to 90 million people in 2022.
A lot of people have no food,no basic amenities,no means of livelihood and have no jobs.The country therefore, needs a government that has the knowledge,innovative ideas/ capacity,political will ,the energy and sagacity to reverse these trends. Labour Party is ready to provide this leadership.

Thank you my compatriots

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