Triumphant Resumption Of The National Working Committee Led By Barrister Julius Abure

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Being the Text of the Press Conference delivered….at the National Headquarters of the Labour Party in Abuja.

I seize this opportunity to first appreciate God for saving my life after the National Convention of our party when my house was gutted by fire. That incident has been described by people as a mysterious fire while some termed it a failed assassination attempt. Those who were in the house have ascribed the fire to so many other causes but the bottom line here is that I give glory to God for sparing my life and family.

On behalf of the national leadership of the Labour Party, I appreciate our party members and supporters across the country who have once again asserted the Principle of Supremacy of Political Parties that has been stifled and trampled upon by political leaders in other political parties. When we say that Labour Party is different, this is one aspect that makes us different from all other Political Parties. In our party, organs like the NWC, NEC and the Convention make decisions irrespective of the desire of the political leaders. I therefore want to appreciate all our supporters who stood by us during the National Convention and by so doing promoted the Principle of Party Supremacy.

We also seize this opportunity to appreciate the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti who supported the National Convention. It must be noted that all delegates from the state, including the Deputy Governor, Commissioners, State Legislators, Advisers and all other appointees who were delegates were present at the Convention. I specially thank the Deputy Governor Eng. Ikechukwu Emetu for representing his boss and leading other members of the State Executive Council to the Convention.

We thank the Deputy Minority Chief Whip of the House of Representatives Hon. George Ozordinobi who led the delegation of the National Assembly to the Convention. We thank Hon. Chinedu Obika, Hon. Esosa Iyawe, Hon. Murphy Omoruyi, Hon. Tochukwu Okere, Hon. Etanabene Benedict, Hon. Prof Osimnachi, and Hon. Matthew Nwogu. We also appreciate some of our State Assembly members from Enugu, Anambra and Imo states who were present including Hon. Clinton Amadi, the Deputy Minority Minority Leader, Imo State House of Assembly. Special appreciation goes to Most Distinguished Senator (Dr) Tony Nwoye who never pretended about his support for the Convention to be held as planned. Even though he was not physically present due to national assignment, his impact was overwhelming.

We are also using this opportunity to appreciate some OBIDIENT members who understood the issues clearly and then supported the Convention and its outcome. We appreciate our national leader, Peter Gregory Obi who in one way or the other, gave his support. The position of Peter Obi is clearly understood. His situation is similar to a man who is married to about 4 wives and expected to protect the interests of all the wives and the children. Hence, we appreciate him for his tactfulness.

Finally, Labour Party Leadership highly appreciates the leadership of the Trade Union Congress, TUC led by Comrade Festus Usifoh, first, for refusing to join the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC to fight the party. Secondly, we thank the TUC for not only supporting the National Convention but for attending same by sending a high-level delegation. There is no doubt that the TUC leadership has demonstrated patriotism, reasonableness and mature leadership.

Like the national leader of the party Mr Peter Obi, said, the National Convention has come and gone, it is therefore imperative for us to put our differences aside and collectively work in the interest of the party and Nigerians who are currently suffering in the midst of plenty. It is very obvious that Nigerians are not finding it funny as a result of the harsh socio-economic conditions of the country.

I must also put on record in this Press Conference and state clearly that I, Barrister Julius Abure is not an enemy in the struggle for a New Nigeria. I have demonstrated this before, during and after the 2023 general election. I have provided selfless, fearless and result-oriented leadership for our party since I assumed the leadership of our party in 2021. The Nigerian people have a common enemy which I refer to as the ruling oligarchy in Nigeria. They have held the country captive and ensured that our common patrimony is stolen.

For us, we feel that all the bickering, fights and attacks on the leadership of the Party is absolutely unnecessary. Moreso that they are anchored on falsehood, motivated by inordinate ambition and selfish interest. It is therefore in our collective interest to put all our energies and resources together and begin to fight our common enemy and reposition our party for better performance. We must create an enabling environment to capture power and use same for the betterment of our people.

Consequently, I want to appeal to first, my own brother, friend and Comrade Joe Ajaero, President of the NLC whom we have worked together in the trenches over the years in the struggle for the workers, to put aside whatever may be his grievances and let’s work in the interest of our people. Fighting the Labour Party at this time is uncalled for and unwarranted especially at this time when the working people of Nigeria are suffering. As we speak today, minimum wage is still N30.000. There are unfair workers practices by employers across the country. The inflation in Nigeria is unprecedented. Unemployment and underemployment are unimaginable and unacceptable. The welfare of workers are swept under the carpet and nobody talks about workers welfare. So for us, we need to team up together in other to be able to fight for better working conditions for our people. We need not waste or dissipate our collective energies in fighting ourselves over nothing.

Secondly, this is the first time the Labour Party will be having a very successful outing in the political space. In the history of the party, we have a governor in our kitty, 35 House of Representatives members, 7 Senators and several other members in the various Houses of Assemblies across the country.

I think we could consolidate on this and use what we have to get what we want. I had thought that we can use our representation in the National Assembly currently to begin to fight the cause of workers, fight the cause of Nigerians and see if we can get a better life for our people. It is on the basis of the foregoing that the current energy the NLC is dissipating in attempting to take over the leadership of the party is unnecessary and will therefore lead us to nowhere.

NLC should learn from the Scandinavian countries such as Brazil as well as the UK and Australia where the working people of the country were able to capture power and provide welfare and alternative government policies that have enhanced the living conditions of their people. In these countries, the Labour Movement is a very big resource to the Labour. mobilisation of members to the party and also for capacity building for its members. All of these are available arsenals which can be deployed and used for the growth and development of our party and our people. Thirdly, a good student of history who has tried a route the first time and fail will rather avoid such a route. The NLC should know by now that the attempt being made to take over the leadership of the party will not work.

The NLC should appreciate the fact that cooperation with the Labour Party is better for both parties. Working together before, during and shortly after the 2023 general election resulted in gains for all sides including NLC, TUC and LP. It is my appeal that working together is better.

Similarly, I also want to appeal to the OBIDIENT movement to remain in the party, to be patient with the party, in other to be able to learn the rudiments of politics. It is also my appeal that they should also endeavour to find time to read the Constitution of the party, the Electoral Act and the 1999 Constitution. This will enable them to make a well-informed opinion about the activities of the party.

We are not in any way, saying that the party is completely perfect but whatever may be the imperfection, it is certainly not to the magnitude it has been amplified. We can actually deal with these imperfections without being destructive.

I must say that a lot of people, particularly, the ruling Oligarchy have no doubt, infiltrated the OBIDIENT Movement and they are currently striving to carry some innocent OBIDIENT along in derailing and unnecessarily criticizing the party in other to bring it to disrepute and pull it down.

This is not to say, however, that some of the complaints from the OBIDIENTS are not germane. Part of these complaints is that a lot of OBIDIENTS who want to belong to the party have not been fully absorbed. To this extent, I must state clearly that you will recall that the Labour Party went round the country at the height of the OBIDIENT Movement to assimilate and make easy all those who wanted to be members of the party and indeed, the structure of Labour Party is strong today because a lot of OBIDIENTS were used to consolidate the structure of the party. As we speak, a lot of OBIDIENTS are ward chairmen, ward executives, Local Government and State Executives and some at the National level.

Some OBIDIENT members have also complained that absorbing them into the party has been so difficult, however, to solve this problem, we have developed a membership registration APP that will make registration in the party seamless and easy. I hereby advise that every member should participate in the registration and the revalidation of members. THE APP IS HEREBY RELEASED FOR USE and we hope that this will meet the requirement and put to an end every complaint arising from member registration.


We have also resolved that in order to attend swiftly and quickly to most complaints of OBIDIENTS, we have decided to create a whole Directorate dedicated to the OBIDIENT family.

That Directorate will have the following terms of reference

  1. To Coordinate the registration of all members of the OBIDIENT family and integrate them fully into the structure of the party.
  2. Ease Diaspora participation in the affairs of the party.
  3. Receive complaints and deal with same and where they are unable to deal, refer such complaints to the leadership of the party.
  4. Coordinate collection of dues and donations to the party and ensure that all OBIDIENTS are financial members of the party.
  5. Work closely with the National Youth Leader, National Women Leader, and National Organizing Secretary in order to create programs that will fully and effectively assimilate all members of the OBIDIENT family to the party.

It has also become imperative for us to persuade our elected members in the House of Representatives and the Senate that it is in our collective interest for them to work closely with the party. We would like to assure our lawmakers that their interests, whatever it may be, will be adequately protected if we work in synergy. We therefore continue to appeal to our lawmakers that they must continue to be good Ambassadors of the party,

They must respect the Supremacy of The Party. PARTY IS SUPREME. They must obey the party, obey its directives.


Having critically examined the events in the party and the seeming disagreements over the past few weeks, particularly before and after the National Convention, we think that it is of importance to reconcile some aggrieved members of the Labour Party. To this extent, the PEACE AND RECONCILIATION COMMITTEE will soon be inauguarated.

Terms of Reference are as follows:

  1. To hear complaints of aggrieved members.
  2. Examine the issue raised and carry out due investigation and consultation.
  3. Make recommendations to the leadership of the party.


We note that the Labour Party is a major victim of electoral manipulation in Nigeria and on this basis, we feel very strongly that the Labour Party being a major victim in the 2023 general election, should no doubt spearhead electoral reforms in Nigeria.

We hereby announce the establishment of the LABOUR PARTY ELECTORAL REFORM COMMITTEE to be chaired by Dr. Sam Amadi. All other members of the committee will be announced in due course and will be subsequently inaugurated.


Before and during the 2023 general election, we had this understanding that leadership alone was the major challenge of this country. Events have reshaped this understanding to mean that followership is as guilty as leadership. This indeed has reinforced the philosophy that defines leadership as a reflection of the people. Consequently, we need to mind the minds of our followers and members. There is, therefore, the need to reorient the people and for the people to begin to change their attitudes and behaviours. There is also the need for the people to be the catalyst for growth and development.

To this extent, Labour Party will constantly invest in political education. This underscores the importance of having a virile, strong and articulate POLITICAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE that will assist the party in mobilizing and conscientizing the people and prepare them for citizen engagement in the country.

The Chairman and members of the POLITICAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE will be announced in due course.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Pursue the realization of a Labour Party leadership Institute that will be a resource centre for capacity building for members of the party and the general public.
  2. To carry out enlightenment campaign and education of the people on citizenship rights, Labour Party’s principles and its ideology amongst others in order to reshape and mobilise the people for effective citizenship participation and engagement.
  3. To train and retrain agents who will be involved in manning our polling booths during elections.
  4. To recommend and mobilise funds to carry out its activities or all other ancillary assignments by the party leadership.

Barr. Julius Abure
Labour Party (LP) National Chairman

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