Tension Builds Up As Hon. Lucky Ehis Obiyan Officially Declares Interest To Run For Edo Governor 2024

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A front-line politician Hon. Lucky Obiyan of the Labour Party have just plot himself into the governorship election arena in Edo state.

Hon. lucky Obiyan made his intention known to the Edo people at a media declaration ceremony held in Abuja at the labour party national headquarters.

The event was graced by members of the national working committee of the party which includes the national chairman Barrister Dr. Julius Abure, the national secretary and others.

At the declaration ceremony, Hon. Lucky Obiyan disclosed that the major reasons why he wants the job of the Governor of Edo is to help restore the state from democratic breakage where just one person dictates on what and how the state should go.

In his words Hon. Obiyan said: “democracy is about the people and the people should have a say on what goes on in the polity”.

Without the people there is no way the state can enjoy quality leadership and when voted as your Governor we shall make sure that everybody plays a role in moving Edo state forward for the good of our people.

Success comes with the people and the people comes with participation, and participation has a lot to do with collective efforts that can help fasten the pressure that comes with the demand for good governance and credible leadership.

As your Governor, we shall make Edo state one of the best states in Nigeria.

My government shall operate an open door policy where the people play the major role in whatever is required to do in terms of development in all the sectors of government.

The national chairman of labour party Julius Abure went ahead to thank and welcome hon Lucky Obiyan for taking the initative of coming out as a young person in the race.

Abure said; the labour party shall vote for the best aspirant for the Edo primaries and the state shall present the next governor of the state because the party has one of its strongest fan base located in the state by the votes the party received during the just concluded Presidential election with peter obi as the winner of that elections.

Hon Lucky Obiyan also disclosed that he will be holding the mega protest rally in Edo state in some days time to also declare his intension to run for the Edo governorship position.

He thank the chairman Julius Abure for receiving him and his team at the national head quarters and promised to perform when elected as Governor under it’s platform.

The governorship declaration was also attended by the press, indegines of Edo state residing in the fct and members of the labour party both women and youths in Abuja.

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