P&ID UK Case: Obi Commends UK’s Respect For The Rule of Law, Congratulates Nigeria’s Legal Team,

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Obi-Datti Media release.

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has commended the United Kingdom for their respect for the rule of law and congratulated Nigeria’s legal team that handled the case against Process and Industrial Development (P&ID) Ltd.

Obi in a tweet congratulated Nigeria for the long-drawn legal case, ‘I congratulate our dear nation, Nigeria, especially the legal team that handled the major judiciary victory recorded at the United Kingdom Court on Monday in the case against Process & Industrial Developments (P&ID) Limited.’

‘Thankfully, the case was decided in the United Kingdom, a nation known for its respect for the rule of law and where the judiciary delivers justice freely and fairly to the people. This, therefore, offers veritable lessons to Nigerians in general, and our judiciary in particular.

The LP standard bearer noted that ‘Every lawful society is built on a strong system of justice and every democratic society exists on the principle of the rule of law. In handling the identity crisis, electoral disputes, and many high corruption cases that have bedeviled our nation, the judiciary has a bounding duty to protect our dear nation’s value system.

‘Nigeria won its bid to overturn an $11 billion damages bill involving the controversial P&ID deal, yet similar, or even greater amounts, have gone unaccounted for in Nigeria, and the culprits are freely walking the streets.

He urges Nigerian public officeholders, in different arms of government, to understand that we have no other nation but Nigeria and we all, are bound to work together for the development of our nation.

As we have gladly received justice in a foreign land, may we learn to give justice to our countrymen so that our nation can enjoy peace, progress, and unity. A truly just and fair New Nigeria is possible if our judiciary embraces the spirit and message of change.

Michael Jude Nwolisa
Media Aide

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