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As the nation enters the homeward stretch in the 2023 elections, the Youth leadership of our Noble and vibrant movement, Nigeria Labour Party, has scheduled a World Press Conference to take stock of efforts made so far to actualize the mandate to put our presidential candidate, Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed (ObiDatti), on the leadership saddle of the country. The Press Conference would enable us to showcase the laudable qualities of Obi-datti and why both are noteworthy candidates to beat in the upcoming general elections. It is going to be an interactive session which would afford The Office of the National Youth Leader the opportunity to rub minds and exchange ideas with the media on the efficacy of Obi-datti candidacy.

The Press Conference would also enable us to address pertinent issues arising in the run-up to the election and detail all our party members and ardent supporters across the nation on the specific roles expected of them in the days ahead and on election day proper.

Interested members within Abuja and its environs are encouraged to attend.

Date: Sunday, 19th February, 2023.
Venue: Labour Party HQ, Utako.
Time: 3:00 Prompt.

Given the importance of the Press Conference, an online link below is provided for our members outside Abuja to be part of the event.

Watch the… National Youth Press Conference on Sunday, February 19, 2023 at 3:00 pm LIVE on . . .


CLEARVIEW TELEVISION – https://web.facebook.com/Clearviewtv.com.ng


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Office of the National Youth Leader, Labour Party

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