Office Of The National Youth Leader, Labour Party (Lp); Senator Godswill Akpabio: What A Senate President Should Not Be

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I read with a broken heart in one West African weekly by Mayowa Durosimi, a purpoted motion being sponsored in the senate to make industrial action illegal in Nigeria. I am heartbroken because since Godswill Akpabio took over the senate, the respected upper chamber is always trying to drive a dagger into the hearts of Nigerians.

Starting from the day the indeed, an uncommon senate president publicly told members that a token will be sent to their accounts; sorry that a prayer will be sent to their mailbox at a point where Nigerian citizens were seriously hungry and nursing their wounds of poverty, to the day they turned Senate chamber to a choir rehearsal place of the so called ‘Tinubu on your mandate’ song, I knew that there will be nothing uncommon about Akpabio senate presidency. My fear was further solidified when the chairman of the National Assembly suspended Senator Ningi for observing inconsistencies with the 2024 Appropriation Act. Insider reports show that the senate does not operate with Order Paper as the uncommon president writes out his proceedings while sitting in the chamber.

The Senate changed our National Anthem without public hearing and submission of memoranda from the constituents and CSOs, further substantiating that Akpabio is running an anti-Nigerian parliament. He is deliberately silencing the voices of the opposition on the floor by hiding under the senate rules.

Now, among the plethora of questionable parliamentary activities, the uncommon Akwa Ibom man has started a process of stopping citizens from reacting when they feel there is a tangible injustice meted upon them. Why will Akpabio be thinking of making industrial action illegal?

Why will Akpabio think that democracy is about the comfort of the privileged few elites who occupy political position. Can you beat a child and stop him from crying? Never.

No unionist or a worker in his or her rightful sense will intentionally want to disrupt the economic activity of a working country. Is Nigeria working for her citizens? The only language that makes the political leaders react is industrial actions. Is Labour unions supposed to revolt before workers’ welfare will be looked after. Did the Chief Justice protest before the senate reviewed his packages?

I want to remind Akpabio that even in the USA, people can embark on an industrial action. And he must stop forthwith all his anti-Nigerian citizens agenda. Let the uncommon man remember that democracy is simply the government of the people by the people and for the people. The Senate must be sensitive enough to understand how handicapped the Nigerian youths have been under these governments. Do we have a rule of law? Is justice properly and adequately served? If yes, then Akpabio shouldn’t have been in the senate after contesting for the presidency.

I want to inform the uncommon senate president that there is life after his senate presidency, and therefore he must make sure he delivers people oriented policies and laws that will further strengthen the citizens instead of making monster of few political leaders.

I remain a very uncommon boy…

Prince Kennedy Ahanotu
National Youth Leader
Labour Party (LP)

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