Office Of The National Youth Leader Labour Party (LP); NLC-TUC Nationwide Strike – A Long Awaited Reaction From The Workers Unions.

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It pains me to the marrows as a young man who has seen successive government, travelled to see developments, and witnessed practically working democracies in many parts of the world to see how insensitive our leading class has remained in the affairs of governance here in Nigeria.

Should workers have gotten to this point of industrial action if successive leaders of our nation had complied with international best practices in terms of delivering dividends of democracy to citizens and establishing the phylosophies of equal opportunities and justice for all.

It has remained unimaginable how recent political leaders have turned ordinary citizens of Nigeria, especially Nigerian workers, students, and unemployed youths, to slaves in such a land of abundance, like our nation.
Infact, I beg to disagree with the first line of the current National Anthem; I think Nigeria should rather hail her citizens for continuously surviving economic hardship, insecurity, banditry, unemployment, criminality and most painful is the level of injustice staring the citizens. Our gallant officers are being killed every day.

How can you defend it that you live in opulence and affluence as a political leader elected to serve the people while expecting those who elected you to continuously live in poverty. There is no part of this country where you can drive the roads for 1 hour without a bad spot. There are no quality healthcare services anywhere. There are no central water systems even in the federal capital of the almighty giant of Africa. Educational Calendar has remained staggery.

While should my generation hail Nigeria, that has virtually denied us ALL basic needs of a citizen. The current leaders enjoyed scholarship but had denied us such rather they proudly give us student education loan and all manner of self profiteering loans, they enjoy employment or empowerment after school but had denied us same, rather they are employing their attack dogs as PAs without a defined role.

They enjoyed stable academic Callander but have flouted private schools to enrich their unsatisfiable thirst for wealth acquisition. What exactly is working here in Nigeria? No effective rail transport, no electricity, no economically clear-cut direction.

Do entrepreneurs have the energy to survive the thorny terrain? Is our academic Calendar stable?
The recent political leaders have practically destroyed the Labour of our heroes past, they have made it to be in vain reason why they without a tangible proof hastily changed the anthem. They no longer serve with heart. They serve with fight and pride. We saw how Tinubu was declared by telling his supporters to fight for it, snatch it, and people died. What a victory.

My article can even make them (men in colours) invite me tomorrow, but I think its time to go the hard way to save my generation and the ones yet unborn.

I write to encourage the Nigerian workers (NLC/TUC) to stand tall despite the slippery promises of these current occupants of the Villa to prove to them that it is WE the CITIZENS that lays the eggs they feed on. We, the Nigerian youths, are willing to join you to make a national statement one’s and for all to reset the brain of these selfish leaders who feast on our commonwealth. Enough should be enough. How can monkey be working, and baboon will be chopping. It has to end. Even if we you don’t achieve the exact amount, the agreement MUST be signed with an amount considerably close to a living wage in a country where both working class and unemployed citizens does not have any additional incentive from government except this minimum wage which can not even wage food bill, children school fees or rent.

Government officials MUST realise that democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not for the political leaders, not for the president or governors or parliamentarians.

Democracy is ALL about the WELFARE of the CITIZENS. Nothing more, nothing less.

I therefore express my solidarity to the entire Nigerian workers, especially the youths who work but still live in the homes of their parents because of poor infrastructural vision of current leaders.

Nigerian workers, we HAIL THEE.

God bless you for staging these long expected warning strikes. Let the government rethink before it turns to a national strike because Nigerian youths are hungry and angry. 150,000 is my opinion. Let’s remain strong and united.
Solidarity Forever

Prince Kennedy Ahanotu
National Youth Leader
Labour Party

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