Obi Remained Supportive Anambra Muslim Community . . . Expresses Displeasure Over Lies, Propaganda Against Obi

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Press Release

Obi Remained Supportive Anambra Muslim Community

. . . Expresses Displeasure Over Lies, Propaganda Against Obi

The Muslim Community in Anambra State has eulogised the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, for what they described as his unwavering support to the Community from his days as the Governor of Anambra State till now. They described Obi as a true and detribalised Nigerian who does not segregate against tribe, religion or ethnicity.

Speaking at the Central Mosque, Onitsha, where Obi went to celebrate the Eid el Fitr with them yesterday, the Secretary of the Muslim Community in Anambra, Barr Mahmoud Imam registered their displeasure with what he described as unnecessary lies and propaganda against the person of Peter Obi. He said they were not happy with the religious and ethnic colouration being given to Obi and his quest for New Nigeria. He described Obi as a man who has continued to give them support through the many challenges they have been through, as a people, in the State.

“We follow the news, and we are not pleased with the many negative stories people tell about Obi’s relationship with the North. We here are not only close to Obi, but we have remained the consistent beneficiaries of his benevolence. So we can say, authoritatively, that the stories making the rounds online, that Peter Obi does not care for Northerners, are false.

“When our mosque was burnt down, he quickly rebuilt it for us, and made it even better. During the crisis that erupted in the State in 2006, Obi ensured that no Hausa man was hurt. He gave us maximum security in the barracks. Throughout his 8 years as a Governor, he would invite us to the government house every year during Sallah celebration, eat and celebrate with us. This time around, he decided to visit and celebrate with us in the mosque.

“Many of our people here, not less than 150 were sponsored by Peter Obi to Mecca for pilgrimage, over the years. We equally watched his movements during the campaign, how he toured the Northern part of Nigeria and visited places no one expected. We are happy with our relationship with him and with the North. He is a true Nigerian,” Imam said.

In his speech, Obi appreciated the Muslim Community for their welcome. He explained that his visit to the Community was to celebrate the Eid el Fitr with them as he has always done. He also promised to continue to support the muslims in the State and any part of the country, in any way he could.

Reiterating the need for Nigerians to love and appreciate one another, Obi stated that every Nigerian should be free to live and thrive in any part of the country without intimidation or harassment.

“I am a Nigerian who believes in Nigeria. My ADC when I was Governor, Idris, is a Northerner from Kano State, and he is a good man. I have never discriminated against anyone based on religion or tribe, and I will never do that. I want the whole nation to hold me accountable on this. I will never discriminate against anybody. I will continue to support you especially in areas of education, health and your worship. Please disregard anyone who tells you that I do not like the Northerners. I love every Nigerian,” Obi said.

Obi presented 30 cartons of noodles, 30 cartons of Malt, bags of rice and cash gift of N500,000 to the Muslim Community. In his words of appreciation, the Chief Imam of Central Mosque, Onitsha, Alhaji Abdulrahman Hamza Imam, appreciated Obi for his benevolence and prayed Allah to continue to protect, bless and guide him always.

Obi also reached out to Emirs , ulamas , media and various stakeholders in the northern part of the country as a mark of solidarity after the Ramadan Fasting and celebrating Eid Fitr .

Obi also share the following message with all Nigerian Muslim and in deed a cross the world.

May Allah accept your sacrifices, supplications, alms givings and other good deeds as an acts of Ibadah and reward you abundantly, here and hereafter. May He make your affairs easy, bless our hearts and make every member of your family witness many more Ramadans on Earth. As committed patriots , we continue to pray for our country’s unity and peace. Happy Eid Fitri .

Dr Yunusa Tanko
Chief Spokesperson


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