Obi @Christmas: “Let Christmas Help Us Appreciate The Essence of Our Creation”

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POMR Press Release.

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party Peter Obi has urged Nigerians to use the season of Christmas to appreciate God’s mercy on us as a country.

In a Christmas message on his X-handle platform, Obi noted that the people are going through immense hardship but should not allow it to stop them from using the season to appreciate God for his numerous blessings.

“My Dear compatriots,
I wish you all a Merry Christmas as you join Christendom to celebrate the anniversary of Jesus Christ.

“This season epitomizes love, peace, and joy for all mankind. These are values and longings that unify our common humanity in a feast of love.

“This is why I wish to share the spirit of this season with all our compatriots irrespective of station, circumstance, and persuasion.

“I fully appreciate the difficulties of these times in our dear country.
The hardship in the country and the biting effects of bad government policies and poor governance have dampened the hopes of most Nigerians.

“The difficulties and challenges of this moment should not however hinder us from appreciating the essence of our creation and the importance of seeking God’s mercy at all times.

“Furthermore, our current setbacks should not stop us as a people from aspiring to overcome present difficulties and realize the full potential of our blessed country.

“I, therefore enjoin you to use this great feast to offer special supplications to God for our country so that we can have the opportunity of joining others in the global community to give thanks to God for the abundant gifts he lavished on us as a nation.

“As leaders, we must embrace the spirit of this season which emphasizes charity.

“For leaders, charity underlines compassion for the people in their present hardship.

“For us as a people, charity means sharing with our neighbors and the less privileged our material blessings.

“On this unique occasion, I wish to reassure our people that our adversity shall not persist for too long as we look forward to a New Nigeria.
Merry Christmas to all. PO

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