Obi Celebrates Nigeria Women For Inestimable Contributions To Development.

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POMR Press Release.

The main opposition voice and the presidential Candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 general election, Peter Obi has praised Nigeria Women for their immeasurable contributions to the nation’s development.

Obi wrote the tribute to mark
International Women’s Day, which he noted is set out to celebrate the potentiality of women folks globally.

“I like therefore to use this unique day to join the international community in celebrating women all over the World.
“Their existence has
made procreation in the World possible.
On a special day like this, “I like to especially celebrate Nigerian women whose inestimable contributions to our nation have continued to greatly impact our growth and development.

“We appreciate the resilience, perseverance, and tireless sacrifices of our Nigerian women, who in the face of the many challenges facing our nation, continue to resonate with hope for a better nation.

“A report by Country Meters shows that women account for 49.4% of the total population in Nigeria. Such significant numbers if adequately empowered will contribute significantly to our national development.

“Education remains the greatest empowerment for all, especially our women. Sadly, the poor female school enrolment in Nigeria has remained a source of worry. UNICEF reports that 50% of Nigerian girls are not attending school at the basic level, which is the most important, with girls accounting for about 7.6 million of the about 18 million out-of-school children in the country.

“These challenges must therefore be addressed, to raise a generation of empowered and productive women who will contribute to our national development, peace, and progress.

“I have always made a case for a broad inclusion of women in governance. Our dear women have continued to distinguish themselves in leadership positions and public offices. When given more opportunities, I believe they will do more.

“Unfortunately, political participation of women in governance has remained very low, despite the National Gender Policy which demands 35 percent involvement of women in all governance processes. It is reported that in the 2023 elections, of the over 15,000 candidates who contested for different elective positions, only about 10 percent were women. More women, therefore, must be given the chance to play active roles in governance.

“The entrepreneurial spirit of our women, when encouraged and supported will greatly impact our economic development. It is reported that women account for 41% of ownership of micro-businesses in Nigeria with about 23 million female entrepreneurs in the SME sector, who with adequate support, will aid our journey from consumption to production.

“United with our women, therefore, our journey to the New Nigeria becomes even more possible. Happy International Women’s Day.

Dr Yunusa Tanko
Chief Spokesman

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