Nigeria @63: Institutional Conspiracy, corruption Key Reasons Why Nigeria Growth Is Stunted

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  • Nigeria @63: Institutional Conspiracy, corruption Key Reasons Why Nigeria Growth Is Stunted
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The National Chairman of the Labour Party, Barrister Julius Abure has decried the pace of growth Nigeria has witnessed since Independence. He said that of all the plethora of challenges Nigeria has battled with, Institutional conspiracy and corruption in high places are key reasons why Nigeria is still struggling.

Barrister Abure while sending felicitations to Nigeria on the 63rd anniversary of our nation however said that a New Nigeria is still possible if the leaders should put the nation first rather than self.

Leadership is all about service and making life better for the people but today what we see is leaders who are interested in pilling fortunes while majority of the populace are left to wallow in abject poverty.

Our recent experience has shown how concentric circles of the rich deployed their vast wealth to deny the people their electoral wishes by effectively weaponising poverty. Revered institutions hitherto held in highest esteem, unfortunately failed Nigerians when it mattered most.

Our younger generations who were not born before independence but read histories of the great heroes and heroines of Nigeria will be wondering where we got it all wrong. How truth is killed on the alter technicalities in our temple justices.

However, Nigeria can still rise to attain greatness if our generation can muster the courage to speak with one voice in condemnation of the evil that has kept the nation under perpetual bondage. We believe that a new Nigeria is still possible. I foresee a total and imminent emancipation of Nigeria from the clutches of darkness.


Barr. Julius Abure
National Chairman
Labour Party


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