National Chairman’s Address at 2022 May Day Celebration At The Eagle Square FCT Abuja

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An Address Presented By The National Chairman Of Labour Party On This Auspicious Occasion Of The 2022 May Day Celebration At The Eagle Square FCT Abuja.

I bring you warm regards and greetings from Labour Party. I thank the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress for this opportunity.

There is no doubt that today marks another milestone in the political history of our country and the struggle for the emancipation of our people who now suffers from the misrule of successive governments under the leadership of the People Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress.

Labour Party is a party for progressive democrats, a party of Workers, Artisans, Farmers, Traders, Students, progressive intellectuals and professionals, Human Right Activist, Civil Society Groups, Liberal Democrats and the likes.

The party came into existence in fulfillment of the aspirations of trade unions, civil society and human rights groups. Thus the party is anchored on the ideals of social democracy.

While we rejoice with the workers on the celebration of this year’s May Day,1 stress the fact that these are no good times for our people particularly the workers and the oppressed class of the masses. There is no gain saying the fact that a convergence of efforts are needed from all patriotic Nigerians to redirect the the ship of Nigeria in order to rescue it from imminent collapse. The country is bleeding maladministration and is presently compounded by the cluelessness of the current one.

Today the insecurity in the country has assumed a frightening dimension. From the length and breath of the country crime and criminality holds sway. People are killed like chickens across the country.

The economy of the country is crumbled. The high rates of inflation occasioned by the mismanagement of the economy have increased the rate of unemployment, hunger and poverty.

The inflation rate is a double digits inflation rate. The implication is the erosion of the Naira value. The poor population, workers and existing incomes cannot meet their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.As a result of the promotion of nepotism and tribalism orchestrated by those in government, the country is divided more than ever before.

Conscious of the need to liberate our people from bad governance, mindful of the dreams of the founding fathers of our party, the leadership of our party, NLC and TUC have put aside our differences in order to provide our party as an alternative platform for the people. We shall in consequence work together with the NLC and TUC to strengthen the party at wards,local government, state and the National levels. The party shall work with the political commissions of the NLC and TUC to deliver all the candidates of the party in the 2023 general elections and lay the foundation for future political engagements in Nigeria. The movement will mark a redefinition of the political spheres of our great country Nigeria.

I therefore call on our traditional Allies, trade unionist, workers, artisans, farmers, civil society groups and all the peoples of Nigeria to take advantage of this historic opportunity and entrench a new political era in Nigeria.

Labour party will become the platform with which Nigerians will be mobilized for the challenges of liberating Nigeria from the politics without commitments to any noble and patriotic ideals. it shall be a platform where nomination forms will not be sold for a hundred million Naira but at an affordable cost to eligible Nigerians.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Long Live Labour Party

Long Live Nigeria Labour Congress

Long Live Trade Union Congress

Thank you for listening

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