Labour Party Decries Incessant Attacks On Members, Calls For Investigation

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labour party prince kennedy Ahanotu
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The Labour party has condemned the incessant attacks on its supporters on independence day, calling on security agencies to fish out the culprits.
Labour Party in a statement on Wednesday signed by the deputy National Secretary, Prince Kennedy Ahanotu, said it received with uttermost dismay the reports of Obidient and patriotic Nigerians who were attacked due to their involvement in the peaceful independence day rallies across the country particularly in Lagos State.
“Of significant mention are the attack on the @FlagBoy and his cameraman who allegedly came close to being lynched.
LP said the “attack on any Nigerian is an attack on all of us and an attack on democracy, and we strongly condemn such barbaric methods of intimidating and harassing our teaming supporters.”

“The party strongly condemns such violent attacks and urges the security authorities to fish out perpetrators of such undemocratic acts who are bent on causing mayhem and plunging the nation into anarchy.”

“Additionally, the party is conducting discreet investigations into the incidents and will appreciate useful information from the general public.”
“The party’s position remains that campaigns should be issue-based and that it’s Nigerians’ constitutional right to gather and campaign for their preferred candidates.”
“We insist that a new Nigeria is possible, where the rights of every citizen are not just guaranteed but guarded and protected.”
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