Kaduna Bombing: Publish Names of Victims, Pay Adequate Compensation To Families.

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One week after the catastrophic mishap in Tudun Biri village of Kaduna state’s Igabi council area where some Muslim brethren gathered to observe the holiday celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad which led to an untimely death of nearly 150 Nigerians, the Labour Party is calling on the government to publish the names of the dead and ensure that the family of the victims are well compensated.

The party warned that bombing a target without precision and intel is anachronistic and cannot be deployed in modern warfare. It also wants the military, whether the Army or Air force to assure Nigerians that such annihilistic tactical approach to combat, that is capable of destroying unintended target should be reviewed.

Labour Party observes that though the victims have been given a mass burial; and that both the Federal and state government have sent their condolences to the victims families. We also gathered that a sum of N10 million was given by the military for the support of the burial. We however think that the government must pay adequate compensation to these families.

Again, though the government has directs a thorough and full-fledged investigation into the incident but we think that any meaningful investigation can only be when the military, being the institution under investigation, is recused from the arrangement.

We are very proud of the Nigerian military. They have shown gallantry in the battle against the insurgence, at least within the resources available to them but we certainly frown at a situation where they turn their arms against their own citizenry.


Obiora Ifoh
National Publicity Secretary
Labour Party


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