Eid-el-Fitr: Labour Party Felicitates With Muslim Faithful, Laments Sorrowful State Of Nation

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The party in its Eid-El Fitr message, urged Muslim faithful to accept warm greetings from one and only Party which is on a mission to urgently rescue Nigeria from imminent collapse.

Barrister Julius Abure, National Chairman of the party who stated this in the congratulatory message
noted that this Eid-El Fitr Celebration is a very unique opportunity for all Nigerians to begin to consider and evaluate means and ways to confront the prevaling sufferings from the misrule of both APC and PDP governments since the inception of the present political dispensation.

Eid-el-Fitr Celebration, according to the party, is a great occasion and opportunity for all Nigerians, most especially as people who have been exposed to several political cases of abuse to a point that makes one to begin to daily reflect on our personal and collective pains we acquired through bad Governance.

“Still, we always have to come back to face the reality of the very dire and frightening political consequences of our bad electoral choices that resulted into the deliveries of very many mandates of grievous mistakes that are today threatening our existence as a Nation.

“We in Labour Party are very concerned and disturbed by the level of corrupt practices that are being perfected under the government of the day with a highly compromised and inept National Assembly doing absolutely nothing to check the drift.

“As we celebrate the completion of Ramadan, it is our patriotic duty to act as one body of true Nigerians to firmly engage, confront and decisively defeat the APC/ PDP Political Merchants in Government at the 2023 polls.

“At this point, there is no better political alternative for us as Nigerians other than the only appropriate, strong, reliable, rejuvenated and highly morally fit political choice, the Labour Party, that is the widely reckoned as the most potent, competent alternate force organised to rescue this nation.

“It is a sure bet that at the end of the next Ramadan with Labour Party in government, the majority of Nigerians will be happier, relieved and better positioned to openly thank God for successfully defeating the APC / PDP COALITION and conspiracy at the polls.

“A new Nigeria would have been a reality and truth where every government step would be patriotic and transparent in the interest of the majority of the Citizens.

“Labour Party is a party for Artisans, for the progressive democrats, traders Farmers, Workers, Students, Human rights activists, Civil Society groups including Liberal Democrats, Market women and Progressive Intellectuals amongst others.

“The Labour Party is the product of the fulfilment of the aspirations of the trade unions, civil society groups and human rights groups. This goes further to improve and strengthen the public trust in the Labour Party.

“This is the only and one political platform where nomination forms are not sold in the monopolistic cost to preserve the monopoly of the rich and political traders in the power bloc. In Labour Party you are welcome into a party where Equity, Fairness, Justice and politics of inclusiveness is the norm.

“As we celebrate the completion of the Ramadan, we should be ready to reject and defeat those who trouble the wellbeing of Nigerians in both the APC and PDP come 2023 polls while we work very hard enough as a team to install LABOUR PARTY into positions come 2023.

“Furthermore, as Labour Party shares the joy of the end of the Ramadan with the Muslim brothers and sisters, we leave you with the statistics presented here – under to ignite in your individual consciences the extreme level of incompetence that has been the lots of Nigerians as Governance.

“In Kano State, the salaries of Civil Servants were cut. In Kogi State, the workers’ salaries are paid in instalments. The same story as in Kogi is the reality in Niger State. Up to this moment in Gombe State, the minimum wage is not yet paid.
In Ondo State, three months’ salaries are owed to the State Workers.

“In spite of all the above, the men in the government leadership paid as much as N100m for nomination forms. All these States are mostly APC States and in coalition with the PDP .

“Dear fellow Nigerians, the above are just an insignificant part of the total incompetence that goes into governance in our dear Country.

“Labour Party offers the most reliable, trustworthy and competent political Party platform for good Governance.

“It is a patriotic duty of every Nigerian to accept the Labour Party as the only possible choice that can rescue Nigeria from going into a failed State .

“If you sincerely and honestly inclined to join hands with other Nigerians to reposition Nigeria for a greater future, become part of the rescue mission led by Labour Party towards 2023 .

“Finally the approaching 2023 polls is a unique opportunity for Nigerians to redefine political and electoral fitness for every aspiration that drops into the political space.

“Patriotic Nigerians must unite and work together to send the economic saboteurs and the looting political thieves who wickedly deconstruct and strangulate our national growth and development. To uninstall the Political hyenas in both APC and PDP in 2023 is a task that must done .

“Once again congratulations on the completion of the Ramadan, may all ibadaats in the nights and days through the Ramadan be fully accepted by Allah. May your steadfastness be rewarded and your supplications be answered.

“May this Sallah bring peace and security to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria and may God guide us all to make our electoral choices to receive the best treasures for our votes” Labour Party declared.

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