BEWARE: Apapa And His Group Spreading Another Fake News.

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The Supreme Court has not heard not to talk of giving judgment on the Imo State governorship matter between Maduka v Ukegbu and LP. Only yesterday, Apapa group made an attempt to file their appeal at the Supreme Court and they requested that a lawyer not known to Labour Party be served as representing the party and that it should be served in an address that is different from the party’s National Headquarters. Their evil plot was exposed. They had gone ahead to spread fake news that the Supreme Court gave judgement and they even assured that the CTC will be made available within 48 hours. At least this failed plot will expose them more.

At the Supreme court yesterday, the three matters that came up for hearing had nothing to do with Apapa. This is cyber-crime and the party will be exploring legal options against the originators and dispensers of these fake news. They are also subjecting the judiciary to opprobrium.

Their desperation is unbelievable. Kindly distance yourself from Apapa and his gang as they are out to manipulate the media space and destroy some people’s career.

Obiora Ifoh

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