Appeal Court Judgement- Enough For Apapa, Arabambi, And Others

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It is no longer news that on the 5th of March, 2024 (exactly a year that Apapa and co attempted to hijack our party leadership), the Appeal Court sitting in Abuja has confirmed the legitimacy of the Abure led Labour Party, thereby putting to an end season of misinformation by some of our former members.

Despite their fruitless venture, Arabambi and others have been going around speaking all manner of negative things against our party. Starting from his baseless allegations on our leader Peter Obi to fabricated allegations and threats to our National Chairman Barr Abure and other party leaders.

It is on this note that my office deemed it necessary to advise Abayomi Arabambi, Oyelade Akingbade, and Anselem Eragbe to toe the part of honour and stop inciting the public. I also advise them to learn a trade and keep themselves busy.

It has also been disturbing how someone like Arabambi who ordinarily ought to be behind bars can be calling for the arrest of our national leader, Peter Obi on the account of a purported LP’s $15m dollars and ObiDatti presidential campaign fund, which Peter Obi obviously almost funded by himself. This must stop.

Also, it is highly pathetic how some media houses keep giving these dissidents their platforms to misinform the public on the premise that no one can tell them what to do. However, if we want to build an egalitarian society, every sector must be a check on another sector. The media check the politicians, civil servants, and private sectors, while the politicians also check the media.

It is also unacceptable how the police PRO in Benin spoke as a politician when he referred to Barr Julius Abure as a factional LP Chairman, meaning that he was acting out a political script.

I therefore want to use this platform to warn Abayomi Arabambi and all their agents of destruction, for the final time to stop forthwith the baseless call for the arrest of our national leader, Peter Obi. I am also calling on the Police and other security agencies to stop further molestation of our National Chairman Julius Abure as well as other LP leaders.

Credible opposition is sine-qua-non for effective governance. Hence, the ruling party should stop manipulating the Labour Party in a bid to silence our leaders. The ruling party should concentrate on delivering democratic dividends to citizens of Nigeria who are hungry and angry.

We also urge all the law enforcement agencies to realise that a better Nigeria, which our party is pursuing, will also benefit them and their children and therefore they should not be ready tools in the hands of those who have destroyed the foundations laid by our past heroes.

Let me also use this opportunity to call on all the Obidients world over to avoid every form of internal bickering and be united in the avowed pursuit of a better Nigeria, which is the ultimate goal of our struggle. I urge you all to reaffirm your commitment towards taking back our country, no matter the pressure, by supporting the party leadership.

Finally, this no time to apportion blame or to change key players in a winning team. Let’s rally round the party leadership to be more stable and effective in preparation for 2027.


Prince Kennedy Ahanotu
National Youth Leader
Labour Party


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