Abuja Shiites Siege: Labour Party Laments Killing Of DCP Channels Tv Staff And Others.

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  • Abuja Shiites Siege: Labour Party Laments Killing Of DCP Channels Tv Staff And Others.
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The Labour Party through a chat with her Deputy National Secretary laments the continuous killing of Nigerians in avoidable bloody clashes in various parts of the country, particularly the preventable squables between the police and Shiites protesters in Abuja on Monday 22 July, 2019.

The Labour Party according to her Deputy National Secretary is heartbroken that the negligence of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC) administration has gradually turned virtually every part of our country, including the nation’s capital, into arenas of violence and bloodletting.

The killing of the Deputy Commisioner of Police in charge of operations as well as the deaths of other Citizens is indeed another sad commentary on the irreplaceable losses and anguish families in Nigeria have continued to bear under the APC government.

The Labour Party holds that President Buhari has not demonstrated the capacity and legitimate commitment to effectively managing national affairs by puting measures in place to ensure a stable, united and secured Nigeria.

According to the Deputy National Secratary, the APC government has shown that it is completely unpatriotic and only out to destabilize the nation for reasons not yet known by allowing Nigeria to degenerate into what we have today.

He therefore call on good Nigerians to explore every legitimate avenues available in a democratic setting and in line with the 1999 Constitution (as amended) to raise a voice of lamentation on the state of our nation under the misrule of the APC government that has never shown adequate respect to rule of law.

The Deputy Secretary noted that had President Buhari indeed given the slightest consideration to the continuous wise counsel by well-meaning Nigerian leaders, including former presidents, as well as international bodies, the security challenges confronting our nation would have been reduced to the barest minimum. He then challenges President Buhari to listen to the voice of reason, rise and take immediate steps that would put the violence ravaging the country to an end.

The Labour Party therefore calls on the National Assembly, as true representatives of the Nigerian people, to immediately rise to the occasion by taking urgent legislatives steps to stop this National menace.


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