6 Reasons Why I Will Work For The Victory Of Mr Peter Obi Of The Labour Party

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I am a Nigerian like anyone of you, who is concerned with the unending sad events in our country which is as a result of injustice, insecurity and incompetence, which are a product of bad leadership.

I have a dream, just like must of you, to leave the country in search of greener pasture, if the present insecurity and lawlessness escalate in Nigeria, although this has never been my wish to stay somewhere, leaving behind my family and friends. That is why, I am so concerned about whatever will make Nigeria, a country, we will all be proud of, although, the Nigeria of our dream is unachievable without a competent President.

After critically examining the situation and our 2023 Presidential candidates, among which one will be the driver for making this dream a reality, despite being from the north, I deduced that Mr Peter Obi stands out to be the most deserving of all of them due to the following reasons:

1. Mr Peter Obi remain the only candidate whose competence is not in question, and testified by his counterparts. That is why in 2019, Atiku chose Peter Obi as his running mate and this is why Kwankwaso attempted to replicate the choice of Obi as his running mate in the forthcoming 2023 general election.
Peter Obi enjoy this extraordinary goodwill because of nothing but his obvious competence.

2. We need Mr Peter Obi, to enable us halt ethno-religious politics. In 2015, most of us voted in favour of our tribe, religion and regional affiliations.The repercussions (Inflation & Insecurity) spared no one, including us, who share the same faith, region and religion with the President. It is obvious that these people care about our religions, tribe and region only as a tool to woo our votes and cover up their shortcomings. Hence, made it our duty, to place competence above divisive affiliations to avoid further regrets.

3. Electing Peter Obi as our next President is tantamount to a revolution that will reclaim power back to it’s rightful owners; the people. The level of disrespect the so called major candidates accord Nigerians is alarming, which is why they often boost of structure as if we are not in a democracy, a system that people decide who gets what, when and how. Obi’s victory will strengthen our democracy and justify the fact that, in a democracy; power belongs to people not to structures that never serve the interest of the common man.

4. Since we all don’t want the balkanization of Nigeria, despite the fact that the polity is heated with blatant marginalisation that benefits only the elites, we should to anything possible to calm and unify the country once again. Electing Peter Obi as Nigeria’s President will rekindle hope, love and unity in Nigeria.

5. It is obvious, that the people in APC were once in PDP and vice versa, this should be an eye opener to us, that those people are the problems and bereft of zeal and ideas to salvage Nigeria. We need fresh blood, competent youth as cabinet who can effectively handle the 21st century leadership challenges effectively, not those who will ban what they don’t know, which is obviously what Obidient movement is offering Nigerians.

6. We need a President who is agile, up-to-date, known and respected in the world, not some one who will rely on fake for informations on the state of the country.

Now is the right time to take back power to it’s rightful owners; Nigerians.

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